Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I'm Not a Keeper of My Friends, the Neighborhood, or my Church

I'm a Keeper of the Home. MY home.

Which is why I've been absent.

I've been focusing on MY family and taking a break from the internet. Facebook updates were relegated to my tablet or phone when I had the opportunity. I haven't been reading any blogs (unless they came in email format). I haven't read the news in over a month. No funny youtube videos. And certainly no perusing Target or Amazon online for sales.

The result is that after a short break for summer (and my stepson visiting) we're back into our homeschool schedule, the house is finally clean (on a somewhat regular basis), and I feel a lot calmer and well organized at the end of the day (very certain those two go hand in hand).

God didn't direct me to be a keeper of anything outside of my home and I needed a reminder of that. And yes, I believe that the internet is a way for us to leave our homes (and responsibilities). Now the beast is tamed and I'm thankful that the Holy Spirit worked so hard on me to see this.

God has a perfect plan for us women and the family structure - if we just follow it, everything will perfectly coalesce.

Have you taken an internet fast?
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