Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Where do all the FREEbies come from???

I don't know if you've noticed, but I LOVE free stuff. I mean, really - if I can get it for FREE why pay for it?

Plus getting free things in the mail is like my birthday every day!

So what's the secret?

Time. Seriously.

You need a facebook account and time to look through e-mails a lot.

Here are several ways to get some sweet free stuff:

1) Go to the product website and write to the company in their Contact Us feature. Either politely ask for a coupon or tell them how much you love their product. The FREE Michelina coupons below were sent to me because I very honestly told them that I want to try their snackers and would like to know if they had any coupons.

2) Join product insider groups. I follow The Krazy Coupon Lady, Deal Seeking Mom, and Money Saving Mom on facebook and they usually alert me to insider groups accepting applicants. All you have to do is tell your friends about their new products and they send you FULL size products. As a Coffee-Mate insider, I got to host a Coffee-Mate party and below is my Frito Lay welcome package!

3) Those facebook updates again - the same ones above let me know when products will be giving away free samples on their facebook page or their own website. These are usually limited time offers so you have to act fast!

4) Join BzzAgent - you get to try out free full-size products and all you have to do is tell your friends about them. It's really that easy.

5) Join House Party. You get HUGE boxes full of goodies and you get to have get-togethers with your friends and share the wealth. Again... really that easy. I'm getting ready to host a Velveeta Cheesy Skillets party right now.

6) Get e-mail updates from freebie blogs like Shop4Freebies and Woman Freebies. These are normally samples and not full products, though.

Hope this helps - enjoy your freebies!

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