Friday, October 28, 2011

I Wear a Cape

Superheroes are something from our imaginations... they are fanciful imaginings of indestructible beings we have always wanted to believe in - people of unmovable morals and an endless depth of caring for the human population.

And the super powers aren't that bad either.

We create these amazing, impossible creatures because we truly want someone that can protect us from everyone and everything without ever betraying an ounce of exasperation or lack of love.

This want begs the question: who is your child's super hero?

Do they only believe in graphic novels and comic illustrations? Or do they tout Mommy and Daddy as the force du jour? 

I believe that we look to God for all of these qualities, but you cannot only assume that your child will do the same. God created the family structure in the same way we, Christ, the church and God are structured. We're told that a wife is married to her husband the same as Christ is married to the church. So what are the children? They are the unsaved of the church and they need to know that Christ will allows be there for them. What they learn from us determines how they will respond to Christ.

When they're truly hurt and in pain, do you comfort them and let them know everything is still right with the world? When their big sister/brother wallops them with a bat, do you jump right up and discipline the antagonist so that your child knows you will always protect them? When their Sunday School teacher insists that your child did something wrong, do you defend them without remorse (and then discover the truth in private/discipline as necessary)?

Do you set right the wrongs? Do you have an impenetrable moral code that never falters with laziness? Let your children believe in you and never doubt that you will come to their rescue.

Are you your child's real-life superhero or are they blindly searching comics for a pretend one?

Your child wants you to believe in them and defend them in every possible way. You are their GUARDIAN - trusted with the protection of their minds, hearts and bodies.

Put on a cape and let them know that a pretend superhero on paper could never compare to the HERO they have in life. Then be tickled to Georgia when you hear them telling their friends that you change into a costume every night and go save the world.

And be content in your heart with the knowledge that they'll have an understanding of how God can have an eternal and infallible love for us.

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