Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Christmas was something of an event this year... to say the least. Here is what happened, in order...

1) My Dad and stepmom, as well as my husband's parents, brother, and son (my stepson) came to visit for Christmas week. This was our first time hosting a holiday in our home. THANKFULLY, I didn't burn anything and everyone enjoyed the cooking. Though I did make them order Chinese on Christmas Eve, since I was already getting things ready... not so much the perfect hostess, but I stayed stress-free.

2) We ALL got the flu. One whole week of bleh. No dishes were washed, no clothes were cleaned, and we pretty much wore pajamas the whole time. Hence the bleh.

3) My husband's grandmother passed away and went Home to the Lord. His mom got to be there when she passed, and for this we're grateful. She was a Christian woman, which almost makes you want to smile, in spite of her passing - I'm always so sad when someone passes away that isn't saved.

4) Found out that the kids can't go to the hospital after the baby is born - VA hospitals have a policy that children aren't allowed due to the risk of spreading swine flu... puts a damper on the whole thing, and some serious pressure for me to try and get out of the hospital as quickly as I can.

5) Our 5yr old and 3yr old got ear infections. Seriously - how many bottles of tylenol and motrin can three kids go through?!?

6) I had complications from the flu and had to have a chest x-ray and EKG... now I am seeing a cardiologist and have follow-ups with my OB - Why? I don't know! Apparently, all will be explained when I meet with him. In light of all the other illnesses we have been through, I'm trying not to feel like a burden - the civilian world of paying insurance copays and whatnot is new to us and is NOT that easy to keep up with. I am a BIG fan of home remedies and I'm glad that God planted that seed a long time ago. Still get short of breath easily and have to sit down a lot - dh even had to accompany me to the grocery store...

Right now, I'm praying a lot and I'm hoping that God has simply planned all of the bad news for the beginning of the year and all of the good news is yet to come... rip off the band aid and get it over with, so to speak. So far, the Lord has provided for us financially and I know that He will continue to do so... as much as I want to weep when I see another medical bill in the mail, I know there is a plan and as long as we trust in Him and stay the course, we're going to be fine.

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