Monday, May 24, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

Back from a long break... I had the great privilege of welcoming a precious gift from God into this world on May 4th. Our fourth child and first son's birth (and pretty much his whole story) was a definite miracle and proof that God is actively working in our lives.... I'll tell that story later though - THIS is a menu plan.

Our little man is now three weeks old (tomorrow) and I'm forcibly being shoved back into the swing of things... mostly because dh is gone on a business trip for a week, leaving me to recall all of the survival skills I learned when he deployed (!). I actually HAD made a menu plan for the two weeks that I missed on here but it was HORRIBLY followed, being traded for pizza and fast food instead. Can you really blame my husband?

So here I am, back to enthrall you with our exciting and fancy menu items = D Or just our regular fare... it's all in the eye of the beholder!

Go check out for more great menu ideas.

Monday - pizza hoagies ( I sub. hoagies and olive oil for french bread and butter)

Tuesday - loaded baked potatoes & salad

Wednesday - breakfast burritos

Thursday - egg salad sandwiches & chips

Friday - tostadas

Saturday - baked ribs, baked potatoes & corn on the cob (dh is home to bbq!)

Sunday - leftovers

Monday - cheese tortellini in red sauce, mixed vegetables & french bread

Tuesday - hamburgers & tots

Wednesday - hard-boiled eggs, sausage & toast

Thursday - sloppy joes & potato wedges

Friday - quesadillas & spanish rice

Saturday - fried chicken, coleslaw & corn on the cob

Sunday - leftovers

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  1. Your pizza hoagies look awesome! I just may have to try them :)

    Hope you can stop by and say hello some time!


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