Friday, November 5, 2010

Special K Challenge Review

Technically speaking, they did not come through on their promise... I cannot fit into my size 6 jeans.

But the Special K Challenge is definitely worth it.

I started out at 142 lbs (6 months after birthing a watermelon)

I was working out for only 30 minutes a day before starting the diet... but that soon fell to the wayside.

I got sluggish and just didn't have the motivation to do much of anything. I've read that this is normal... something to do with detoxing your body and toxins stored up that are releasing into your bloodstream. You'd think we would be rewarded for doing something good... so the diet isn't at fault for that part.

It was hard at times. I considered raiding my kid's snack stash. 

But just as I was hitting my breaking point I got to have another snack or meal. And, hey, the snacks aren't half bad. Then again, I might have eaten cardboard and called it bellissimo.

On the last day of the diet I weighed 136 lbs - for a grand total of 6 lbs lost.

Not too shabby for two weeks.

*shhh... don't tell him I shared this, but I've got my hubs dieting too : )*

So I will NOT be doing the whole diet again - but I AM still eating Special K breakfast cereals and shakes and the snacks. And I'm slowly but surely getting back into the exercise routine.

I'm gonna call this a success and definitely worth the money I saved. 

LOL - YES SAVED...  Special K meals and snacks cost a LOT LESS than all the junk food and carb-full meals I was eating.

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