Monday, November 1, 2010

A Tricky Subject (pun intended)

For Christians, Halloween is a tricky subject...

Dh and I have decided that we're not just going to turn tail and run from everything that may or may not be an affront to Christianity. What we do is live our lives for God and not spend our lives hiding.

Like one of my Good Morning Girls said... Satan has no right to any day that God has made.

So we celebrate CHRISTmas but we don't celebrate Santa... we celebrate Easter without the bunny... teeth with no tooth fairy... and Halloween without the images of death and evil things.

Man has a bad habit of ruining everything... so let's just do it the right way, shall we? Let's keep Halloween innocent and keep the dark stuff away from the kiddos.

I very much agree with Courtney's post on Halloween here: Women Living Well

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