Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Couponing 101: Part 2

This may seem like the simplest thing in the world but people STILL aren't doing it!


Great Value is the Wal-Mart generic brand
(I do not own this image)

-- Buy generic items for everything that you can (unless you NEED Folgers like I do)... food, cleaning supplies, baby needs, paper goods, personal care... it goes on. They may not be in as expensive packaging and the diapers don't have that Huggies elastic strip, but they do the job and save you money!

-- Only use name brand coupons if they make the price lower than the generic (you'd be surprised how often they DON'T).

-- Often private labels like Krogers and Food Lion go on sale (while Wal-Mart generic does not). When canned vegetables are on sale for $0.40, I call that time to stock up!

If you're still having issues with buying generic, take a moment to evaluate the emphasis you place on image and esteem. A Walgreens brand diaper will catch just as much as a Pampers or Huggies, but it costs a fraction of the price. It IS possible to live within your means, save money, and present an orderly and well-disciplined image (which is more important than a costly one, I assure you). The next time you go to the store, compare the cost of name brand and generic milk, cereal, paper towels, french fries, mustard... and ask yourself if it's more important to be surrounded by status symbols or to assist your husband (you are a HELP MEET) in providing for your family?


  1. Oh I love buying generic. Even here in Croatia we have "store brands" and I try to buy as many store brands as I can and the savings are incredible! And the quality isn't bad either - at least my husband hasn't complained!

  2. How neat that they have store brand : ) And awesome that you get to save money!

  3. Great tips, Susan! I need to look at our stores around here.


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