Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Still Alive! ... And Menu Planning

So... I *may* have disapeared for a while. It was for the best. I needed a break from the blog world to be a little irl (in real life).

And now I'm back a little more capable of managing my blog time!

Monday - DiGiorno pizza & sides (go here for a $2/1 coupon on facebook) I was lucky enough to pair two $4/2 coupons with a sale at Krogers!

Tuesday - sloppy joes and fries (Hunts sloppy joe sauce $10/10 and ground beef $2.99/lb at Food Lion - seeing a trend here?!?!)  : D

Wednesday - cinnamon rolls (They were on sale for $0.98 at Krogers and I had coupons!)

Thursday - Pioneer Woman's colby-bacon chicken sandwiches

Friday - tuna casserole, baked potatoes (YES that's TWO carbs!), crescent rolls (wait, that's three carbs... more for me!) ... crescent rolls were also $0.98 at Krogers

Saturday - Black-eyed pea gumbo and cornbread

Sunday - leftovers

Monday - DiGiorno and sides

Tuesday - P-Dub's chicken nuggets, homestyle mac & chz (try adding some Philly cooking creme in this!), vegetables

Wednesday - cinnamon rolls

Thursday - pasta and red sauce (sauce on sale at target for $0.95), salad, crescent rolls

Friday - hamburgers and fries

Saturday - bbq chicken, rice, corn on the cob (with guacamole and chips)

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