Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Loving the Freebies

I'm becoming addicted to freebies. My name is Susan and I love freebies.

It started with blog giveaways... I just kept winning them!

And then I discovered House Party.
At www.houseparty.com you sign up for parties - if they choose you, you only have so long to register for that party to lock it in, then they send you a lot of free stuff to keep and hand out to your friends.

Which led me to Coffee-Mate. I was signed up for their newsletter and I received an e-mail asking if I wanted to sign up for a themed party night. They're doing a promotion for Free Flavor Friday. Awesome.

So they sent me a Game Night Kit, with a poker set and Cranium and tons of coupons for free Coffee-Mate creamer. I invited friends over and we got to drink coffee, play games, eat snacks and one lucky person walked away with a brand new poker set. And it was all FREE.

In this economy they're doing that? Coffee-Mate is my new best friend. Not that I wasn't already loving their Coconut creamer.

Coffee-mate Special Edition Coconut Creme, 15-Ounce Units (Pack Of 6)

The moral of this story? Sign up for e-mail newsletters of  your favorite products.


  1. Coconut Creamer!! I must try! I am in love with their vanilla caramel Creamer...but I gotta try Coconut now!

  2. Thanks for the kind comment on my blog!

    And I'm your newest follower. :)


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