Thursday, March 18, 2010

Menu Plan Monday (erm... Thursday)

So I may be a little late posting this... it's not *exactly* Monday... Oops. I'm going to blame the pregnancy (that excuse is only good for so long, you know). 

Anyway - here it is - enjoy.

Monday - homemade pizza with crust from Money Saving Mom (crust is SUPER quick and thick but not dense) - I always brush on olive oil and add Italian seasonings, garlic salt and pepper before putting on the sauce, mixing some cheeses together and topping with sliced tomatoes, onions & bell peppers.

Tuesday - strip steak / mashed potatoes (see below for recipe) / vegetables

Wednesday - breakfast burritos (potato, egg & cheese)

Thursday - bbq chicken / steamed rice / vegetables

Friday - quesadillas / spanish rice (Goya has a $1/2 coupon right now -

Saturday - crockpot chili / cornbread

Sunday - leftovers

Monday - hamburgers / tots

Tuesday - lemon pepper chicken / fettucini alfredo / broccoli

Wednesday - eggs / toast

Thursday - steak / twice baked potatoes / vegetables

Friday - egg salad sandwiches / chips

Saturday - Pampered Chef broccoli ham ring / salad

Sunday - leftovers (strawberry shortcakes with mascarpone cheese for Sunday School)

NOT My Nana's Mashed Potatoes (sorry Nana)

8 medium potatoes, peeled and cubed
1 c milk
1 stick butter
2 tsp garlic
1/2 c shredded cheddar cheese
1 T parsley
s&p, tt
water to cover

  1. Cover cubed potatoes with water in pot and bring to boil. Reduce slightly and continue on high until potatoes are tender. Drain water.
  2. Add all other ingredients and combine with a mixer. Lumps are okay... though Northerners may not agree.

NOTE: Potatoes should be creamy, not thick - add more milk and butter to attain creamy consistency. And the more salt and pepper, the better...


  1. Oh, yummy menu! THose potatoes look delish!

  2. thanks = ) The base really is my Nana's but I made it into a "loaded" version - actually got a compliment from my dad on it (though he didn't think I had made it!)

  3. It is really good and we haven't been impressed with her cooking until Thanksgiving. She's getting better all the time. Now if she would just eat meat.....


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