Monday, July 19, 2010

Completing Him Challenge: Week Six

Now onto week six of the Completing Him Challenge! Head on over to Women Living Well to catch up or join in : )

This weeks challenge is to:
Make your husband a priority. Ask him what his favorite dinner, dessert and drink are. Be sure to serve him all three one night this week. Bonus: cook his favorite dishes all week long!

We're having family visit the second half of this week so Thurs and Fri needed to be frugal meals that could be made for a larger group. 
The first three days are all hubby though! : ) I even found out that he really likes meals that I didn't know he did.

Tonight - bbq chicken and steamed rice (one of my most frugal!)
Tuesday - spinach lasagna (had no idea he loved it - it's vegetarian) and zucchini bread for dessert
Wednesday - breakfast burritos

Not included in the challenge, for my hub's birthday, is buffalo wings and baked potatoes... and a german chocolate cake with whipped frosting and mini chocolate chips.

I already put a lot of emphasis on cooking for my husband and don't really cater to the kids (they eat anything like a bunch of goats!) : ) but I think he enjoyed being asked what he wanted specifically - I'll have to start doing that more often... anything to put a smile on his face!


  1. Mmmm - your plan for the week sounds AWESOME! And I love that you learned he really liked some things you didn't know! How fun is that!

    Great job with the challenge!
    Much Love,

  2. I'm participating in the Completing Him Challenge, too! Just stopping by to say, "Hi!"

  3. What a blessing you are to him! :D I just served up dh's favorite dinner on Saturday - chicken fried steak, garlic mashed potatoes w/gravy, and creamed corn. Now to make dessert! :D

  4. Breakfast burritos are such a great idea! I never make them at home, but I know my hubby would love them...thanks!

    I am also participating in the Completing Him Challenge on my blog. I am so enjoying hearing from other women as they are also doing the challenge!


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