Thursday, August 19, 2010

Birth of Jesus Figures

I made these figures a few years ago for our Christmas bible stories in homeschool...

Now, I am NO artist so no critiques please : )

They're not really print worthy - I just wanted to show you what is possible as a way of teaching/entertaining young kids. My daughters LOVE listening to the HIStory of Jesus's birth... We repeat everything they've learned so far and then the new part so that by Friday they can use the little figures to tell ME the story.

Day One - An angel comes to Mary and Joseph

Day Two - Mary and Joseph travel on a donkey and looks for an inn

Day Three - Jesus is born and the angels herald Him to the shephards

Day Four - The wise men follow the star and give Jesus gifts

Day Five - The kids re-enact the entire story

I drew these with colored pencils on a paper bag, cut them out and laminated them. I got the idea for them from a children's Christmas book (don't remember which one) so if you've read the book, you may notice some similarities. You may notice that the inn, baby Jesus, and the star are missing - after much abuse, they have been lost to us. It only took about 5 minutes to make each one so it won't be hard to redo them.

Mary and Joseph


angel and shephard

wise men

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  1. I am so glad you still have these. I LOVED listening to Evie tell the story as she worked the figures. Such a memory for me.


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