Thursday, October 14, 2010

An End in Sight

It seems like every day I clean up the same messes... I'm always disciplining the kids for the same things... the laundry and dishes are forming mountains on top of me... I only get to eat after everyone has had seconds and my food is cold (and it gets shared with the toddler)...

With all of this... it just seemed never-ending. I've been more than happy to sacrifice my time for my family... but I was secretly hoping that there was an end to it (who doesn't?). I've had several older women tell me that it isn't always like this... but I didn't believe them : )

Finally - there is an end!

 Recently we had Old Fashioned Day at church with a potluck afterwards. There I was in line, juggling and serving three plates, while my husband mercifully controlled our three girls (the baby was asleep)... and all I'm thinking about is how I won't get to eat until after I come back and get plates for my husband and I then go take two trips to get everyone drinks. Thankfully, some kind person offered to get the kids drinks for my husband while I was gone. What a relief to know that my mind won't always be centered on such things.

My oldest is turning 6 soon and is certainly showing signs of getting older. She has started helping (of her own accord) with the dishes, laundry and straightening up. I do give the kids chores and they do help... but they're children and not capable of handling any significant work.

A few days ago, while I was feeding the baby, my oldest opens up the dishwasher and puts away the dishes.  You can imagine my pleasant surprise! Several instances like this have been popping and and wowing me.

It's one thing to hear that things are going to get better... it's another to SEE it. 

 It's been like a second wind to my Mom Hat.

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