Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Girl's Drop Waist Dress

You know those awesome $3 kid's clothes at Wal-mart? I was browsing through them the other day and saw some potential for clothes going out of season... and my daydreaming resulted in a cute little drop-waist dress for my daughter.

1 t-shirt, one size too big
1 skirt, two sizes too big (or waist size matching shirt girth)

First, I cut off the elastic from the perfectly good skirt...

Then I took the shirt and folded it inside out.

Leaving the skirt right-side out, place it inside the (inside out) shirt and align the ends. Pin in place.

Here's an inside look of what's going on. My husband says I confuse people by waving my hands around... hopefully that doesn't translate to blog.

Sew a zig zag along the seam. I went back and sewed straight down one side of the zig zag, but that's not absolutely necessary.

Trim the excess, turn the dress right-side out and sew some coordinating ribbon on. Mine only coordinates a little... but I'm okay with that. I also made a fabric flower out of some scrap fabric but a bow made out of the ribbon would have looked good too. 

Put it on your daughter and it will look even cuter. : )

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