Friday, September 24, 2010

HSBA Swap and Breyers Win

So... I lost some pictures I took of all the awesome stuff I got from Nichole over at Butterscotch Sundae. And it was awesome. There was a cute little box full of CARAMEL (yeah, like that lasted long), a stapler, adorable colored staples, tons of flavored coffee (!), and some washable dry erase markers. Suh-weet. This was part of the homeschool swap over at the HSBA Post and it totally made my day.


Since I don't have pictures to post of my swap, here are some of the loot I got from Breyers for posting about their giveaway... enjoy... we are : )

The awesome insulated bag with a bottle opener on the side

The goods. That black cylinder is a rolled up picnic blanket backed in fleece.

 Yes, that's a coupon for FREE Breyers. As well as awesome Zak ice cream bowls with matching spoons, chocolate syrup, sprinkles, a seriously heavy scoop and a grow-in-the-bag mint.

Breyers is officially on my love list.

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  1. I love Breyers too...but I must say I am disappointed in them. I was buying their ice cream because it was "All Natural" and had ingredients that I could pronounce. I received an article that alerted me that Breyer's uses milk from cows treated with BHT (a growth hormone). I am sure that most of the ice cream companies do, but I expected more from Breyers All Natural. I have since been buying my ice cream at Trader Joes. Although it doesn't go on sale it is from cows not treated with any artifical growth hormones. I truly hope that Breyers changes their policy.


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