Friday, September 3, 2010

Notebook Fun

Wanna score some brownie points with your kids? My daughters being homeschooled now are five and three (first grade and preschool) - so they can still be won over with simple things like this. Takes almost no time and you're Mommy of the Year!

In our homeschool, we are proud notebookers.

You too? High five. Down low. : )

To give my girls some ownership of their notebooks and to fun it up a little, I added some of their favorite Disney characters (or all of them in my 3 yr olds case) and their names in very girlie fashion.

It's really simple - just google search kid favorites like Tinkerbell or Princesses (or Buzz Lightyear in a boy's case), open it up in Photoshop (any other program would work too), make it an 8.5" x 11" with room for a name, add their name in a cute font (check out VERY cute fonts from Amanda here) and print. (I got these cute name effects by adding a stroke to them)

Now they show them off to everyone who comes to the house      : )  (the only bad part is that they get upset when anyone else touches them!)


  1. Hi, following you back from GMG. I look forward to getting to know you through GMG.

  2. Cute and simple idea. My kids like to decorate their notebooks too. I like that it gets them more excited about their schoolwork! :0)



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