Thursday, September 2, 2010

Mommy Command Center

Binders work for some moms... not me. If I had a binder, not only would I never open it, but it would probably become a fine specimen of the dust types in our house.

If I'm going to follow any sort of schedule or keep track of anything, it has to be at eye-height and in a place I pass by often. Which is why I settled on the fridge.

I've regulated my to-do's to a calendar/meal-plan, daily schedule, cleaning schedule and grocery list (with boxes to mark off needs). Not as pretty as some of the boards out there but we're low on wall-space in the kitchen and this works for me.

Calendar/Meal Plan
I write up a meal plan every two weeks (with any calendar events as well) and add it as a new month's worksheet to an excel workbook I have going. To make it pretty (as all things should be) I copy the cells I want and "Paste Special" as a link into Powerpoint and add the background color and month. The Air Force ruined me spreadsheets... what can I say? : ) Any recipes that I haven't made before get printed out and tucked in behind it.

 Daily Schedule
 An hourly schedule of what my day "should" look like... when I actually follow it. When I get to facebooking, e-mailing or blogging too long my day goes something like this: "Why are you on the table in your swimsuit and boots???... Why are all of your little people in the bathtub??? Why are all of the cushions off of the couch with your bedspread being used as a tent??? And WHY are you eating dog food and/or flour???" Not every day... but enough to make me question my sanity. It's better or worse depending on whether or not paint is involved. : ) 

 Cleaning Schedule
I found this gorgeous picture online and made the schedule around it. And YES I have to say NO CLEANING on Saturday and Sunday... it just makes me feel better to see those two words together. 

Grocery List
This thing has been around for a few years now and works wonders for me. It prevents me from forgetting anything at the store which makes it worth it's weight in gold (what, 2 oz?). All of the sheets are in page protectors (and I keep meaning to put magnet strips on all of them) but this one is useful because I can check which items we need as I go. The spreadsheet I made for this was lost back in the Computer Crash of '09 and I haven't gotten around to making it again - hence the stains and handwritten items. Just squint your eyes when you look at it and it'll be perfect. : )


  1. This is nice! I have a binder, but like you said, it hasn't been opened in, uh, probably more than a year! :0)

    Maybe I'll adapt something like this for my fridge.

    :0) Brandi

  2. I need to do this! I'm never that organized!!

    I found your button on Bloggy Moms, Just stopping by. I'm following you!

    Heather from Mommy Only Has Two Hands!

  3. I have chore charts for all my kids and that works just fine. But today, I thought, "Ya know, Toni, YOU need a chore chart. Hadn't occurred to me that the mom needed one too. ;)
    Oh, and btw, this? "Why are you on the table in your swimsuit and boots???" TOTALLY cracked me up.

  4. Thanks! I'm all about the accountability : )


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